Where The Red Fern Grows?

Well, I have two more questions left on this test, and I didn't get to do them, because I was in the hospital cause I had broken my foot. And I just need to know these answers (and I don't have my book) And yes I did read the book.

Question 4: It is never to easy to know what to say to someone who is mourning the death of a beloved animal. What would you say to Billy that might comfort him?

Question 5: Why is Billy willing to give his youngest sister the cup. Explain.

Well i read the book just not 5 chapters more. Please help :)

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    9 years ago
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    Where the Red Fern Grows book is without a doubt the most phenominal book I have ever read. The first time I read it, I fell in love with it. I think I've read it twelve times. I'll never get tired of Old Dan and Little Ann. The story is so touching and adventurous and loving and heartbreaking all at the same time, you can't help but feeling like a wet towel when you are done. You get so involved. I recommend this book to anyone of all ages. If you don't, you will be missing out on one of the all time great books. Trust me, you will enjoy.

  • 9 years ago

    4 false, the main chjarcter is a lesbian

    5 false is sister is not a cup

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