How do I memorize all the elements color I need for my chemistry IGCSE o level?

I only know some like Cu-blue

But questions like when water is added to anhydrous cobalt chloride it turns....?(From blue to pink) I got the answer from the mark scheme.Where do i find the colours?And are there any things to know about colors like when alkali and acid mix together they form a color?Something like that?PLZ dont give any links to website.PLZ Provide colours of elemts if you know them from books or note coz i dont have them >_< PLZZZZZZ!!THANKYOU!!


I dont know which element produces which color.I need a list.And also which color the element produces when added to other things

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    form a mnemonic

    or create a song(a tune)

    it helped me in remembering the chemical elements in periodic table!!

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