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My rabbit is losing hair like crazy?

I just noticed it a week ago..My rabbit is a male (Not sure) because I took a look and a volcano like di*k is just below the anus.. Is it a male or a female? His/Her name is Lucky anyway.. Anyways, Last week, I first noticed that his right arm was losing hair and you can see the pink stuff (You know, It looks like a rabbit that has no fur the pinkish like thing..) in other words, the skin, You can see Lucky's skin. Then, After a few days, His nose is loosing hair (Around his nose) and a while ago, When I was cleaning Lucky's genitals (Because the vet told me to clean it when it's dirty) I noticed that his leg was also loosing fur. His actions are still the same. He's eating a lot like always and drinking the right amount of water. The vet told me that Lucky's weight was 1.5 LBS . That was somewhere in January. He is also a dwarf bunny. He is color white and he has fawn markings in the middle of her body. Is Lucky just molting or is he sick or something? and also, I have the antibiotics that the vet gave me because last month, Lucky had "Snuffles".

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    A moulting rabbit will have fresh hair growth underneath and you will not see bald patches.

    If he has bald patches it's something else, it could be mites, ringworm, allergies, something else entirely! I would get it checked at the vet, make sure its a good rabbit-savvy vet too.

    If he has a dirty bum sometimes that is most commonly a diet issue - make sure he's not getting too much pellets/veg and 24/7 access to hay.

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    Your quality wager in this one is a travel to the vet. Rabbits are inclined to a wide variety of dermis problems (above all this time of 12 months because it begins to chill off) that can result in hair loss. It would be the outcome of a molt, however in most cases they do not shed while they are constructing up a iciness coat. If you reside in an subject that's regularly hot (Florida for illustration), your bunny would simply be going via a heavy shed--rabbits shed an typical of three instances a 12 months--in most cases in a: heavy, gentle, heavy, gentle sample which means that one time they will have a mild shed, and also you would now not even detect they are dropping...the following time might be a heavy shed and you'll be able to have fur in every single place. Only a vet might be equipped to inform you what is taking place for certain.

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    i think its normal there probbaby just maulting

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