What do i do about this boy i like?!?

Okay, so there is this boy who joined our school about two years ago and both me and my best friend instantly fell for him and so did loads of other girls in our school. Hes cute, funny, and everything you would look for in a guy, hes perfect.

He dated another girl in my class, and i began to loose interest in him and started liking another boy and we started dating. Meanwhile, my best friend was still stuck on him like glue. Him and her became super close and they talked 24/7. A year passed, and the situation was the same; my best friend was inlove with him, he was single. He didnt want a relationship which absolutely crushed her. 4 days ago, this boy has been ignoring my best friend for absolutely no reason. She was upset and he finally gave in; telling her that he didnt want to be friends with her anymore. I told her that she could do better than him and she realized she was wasting her time. She blocked him on facebook and they havent talked since. She still has some feelings for him.

I broke up with my boyfriend 2 months ago because he cheated on me, and Im starting to get the feeling he might like me because after he blocked my best friend, he started talking to me on fb about homework REALLY often everyday, i helped him out and he did a heart to me..idk if it was a joke or whatever but he also likes all my statuses and my friends tell me he stares at me in class. I really admire him and i think im starting to like him but my best friend doesnt know this..and im scared to tell her cause she might get mad!:( what do you think?! x

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    First, I'm a guy.

    I don't think that you can say the guy is a tool. It is not his fault if after time he came to the conclusion that he did not like your friend. Obviously something occurred you don't know about, people don't just make changes like that. I actually respect his choice to be honest and forthright with her. A "tool" would have played her a long for a long time or just stopped talking to her. So his honesty in my opinion is a positive. Now, on to the real question about your relationship with him. I have learned the hard way that one should never forsake their friend for a romantic relationship with someone. Lovers, and I use that word broadly to mean someone you are affectionate to or with in a relationship, they come and they go through life but your friends when you treat the relationship right will be there with and for you forever. In other words as it pertains to this situation, never never ever date someone your friend likes, liked, used to be with or wants to be with. Simply said once a friend expresses their feelings towards a person of the opposite sex (unless your gay of course then just ...well you I know turn the genders around) that person iseffectivelyy off the market for you. It doesn't hurt you I promise, it is one out of thousands of possibilities for a mate or gf or bf or whatever. What hurts is how you will feel when your lose yourfriendd and a month later you lose the one you lost the friend for. It is not worth it. You should have never spoke with him or participated in his ploy to talk to you. He did not need your help or to talk to you about your homework. It was his way to get his foot in the door with you. The appropriate response would be "I really do not think it is prudent or appropriate to be speaking to you due to the current issues between yourself and my best friend. She is my best friend and I support her and when she is hurt or is having a problem with someone I do not spend time with or get involved with the person, but thank you for having the confidence in me to ask for help, you can contact, blah blah blah or blah and they have a good handle on that homework and can help you out.....That is my two cents with one other thought: The fact that you asked this question may well be a way to find some rationalization to start seeing this boy and that is something you need to look at in yourself. Sometimes we try to get others to give us permission for that which we know is wrong. The test: If you have to hide it, if you do not speak about it openly, if you feeluncomfortablee telling anyone involved about what your doing, saying or thinking.......you already know it's wrong so stop kidding yourself.

    Source(s): years of painful experience and a few mistakes along the way.
  • 9 years ago

    I think he is a tool, no offense but i am also a teenage girl that has had this happened to me before :)

    I think you should try and not have anything romantic to do with him. He is trying to get in between you and your friend, maybe without realizing it, friends are so much more important.

    This happened to me and I asked the guy out making the huge fight with my friend, he turned me down and said that he was only messing around, even if he's not messing around he's not worth it!

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If she is still upset about him then don't tell her. You sound young so having some innocent fun is ok. I do actually think that playing hard to get with him would be a great idea cause his ego needs to drop down a little. Don't seem too eager to get with him, stay friends and see where it goes.

  • 9 years ago

    Please Don't let ANY boy come between you and your best friend ! If I read this right you said your bf and the guy became involved If you meant sex, then he is making his rounds gf. Don't fall for it ! He is a dweed! besides don't you know how bad that would hurt your friend ?

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  • Ann
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Get him alone to answer any ?'s

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