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Depression/Stress question please help?

I may have depression since I've lost interest in the stuff I used to like, I'm disconnected from my emotions and the worst part is... it's making me lose feelings for my boyfriend. I've never felt this way before. I'm sure that I love my boyfriend with all my heart but ever since I lost the feeling of happiness, hopefulness and the like, things just haven't been feeling the same with him.

But it's not just my boyfriend, sometimes when I don't think about him and instead I think about the things that aren't related to him, it still feels the same. The things I like doing like dancing and playing flag football don't feel the same anymore...

This all started when I freaked out and panicked about getting hemorrhoids.. I thought it was something 'serious' and I just felt hopeless and utterly scared and after that things just didn't start feeling the same. I didn't notice until after I was watching TV with my boyfriend and I thought... "Something's not right..." Then suddenly I freaked out and I got scared even more because of what I wasn't feeling...towards anything...

Sometimes I just worry even if I'm not thinking about anything, I just...worry and worry and there's a tightening in my chest because I know something is just...not right or missing... People say I'm overthinking everything and I over analyze everything and I just need to calm down but I can't calm down because it's the LOVE OF MY LIFE I'm dealing with... I can't lose it. I can't lose him.

I really want to gain my feelings back for him and to look forward to the things I used to look forward too. Please help me.. Will it ever come back? If I get better will I start loving and being happy again? Back to my normal self? I don't want to break up with him just because I can't feel anything it's so unfair .. It's hurting me so much... I can't believe it when I get near him it's like I'm so nervous because I don't feel anything and I hate it...

**Please don't say, "You don't really love your boyfriend if you can't feel it, just end it. Because I KNOW what I'm supposed to feel for him. I love him and I'd be lying if I said I didn't. He means so much to me. Please.

Any advice?


** and also, no, he's not a bad guy and he's supporting me and helping me get through this. But thank you for your concern... ;_.

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    I have suffered depression, major stress which has brought on chronic depression for several years - at least that has been how long since it was diagnosed.

    I read and HEAR what you add at the end of your message...........yes, you CAN still love your boyfriend and be in this totally debilitating mental position, but I WILL ask..... is he supporting you in all of this or brushing it off or making excuses for you and reasons not to be around you??? If this is the case, then yes, get rid of him. Chances he are part of the reason you are feeling so blue anyway. Your gut is trying to tell you something!!!!

    That said, I truly hope you have/are talking to your Doctor. Possibly even a different Doctor. Sounds very much like you are having a panic attack of sorts, one which has left you devoid of emotion because your mind may be struggling with the possibility of a serious illness - even if it has been diagnosed as nothing to be concerned about. Your mind is playing games with you - something which is not as much in your 'sub-conscious' as you may like to think it is.

    Honestly, sounds like you have had a bad scare health wise. Your boyfriend didn't come to the support 'party' like you hoped and depended upon him to do so. Listen to you inner soul.......your gut feelings. Please. Love him as you believe you do at this point in time, I believe he is not the right person for you - and your inner self is trying to make you conscious of this. Sure, it will hurt to break up, but it will hurt you much much more in the long run if you stay with him. Take it from an old lady whose life wasdestroyed by this same sort of situation. Mine........and the kids I had with the jerk I was with - and recognised I should not be with, but stayed with till he almost killed me and our two sons!

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    This is not something that advice will fix. You sound like you have a severe case of depression/anxiety . This is something that you should see a doctor about. Please get help..these symptoms could be related to a physical problem just as easily as an emotional one.

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