Help! does this quiet guy like me? shy guys or.. anyone help? i'll try and help you!?

OK so i think this quiet guy likes me but can you check? His name is James

ok so when i was talking to my friend today before class started and when he was away from his friends, i saw him look at me and then go to his friends.

also when i was talking to him at first, he didn't really contribute a lot like i did most of the talking but when i talked to him later, he contributed a little bit and he smiled a smile at me that was... different. my friend really thinks that he likes me and she said that his smile was 'different' around me. in a good way of course.

he's also shyer around me than anyone else.

this is the weird part. when i was talking to him and he didn't talk a lot to me he didn't like walk right away from me when we talked but... at one point he went another way but when i went up to him, he stayed. and when i walked with him the 2nd time, he stayed and made sure i was with him or in his 'area'.

Oh one more thing! (sorry i'm boring you all to DEATH probably) but when i went to his study hall to work on an assignment, his friend said 'hi paige!' (my name) and then james kind of looked up but no eye contact.

weird thing: so when i was talking to him, he was listening and stuff and when he saw his friend, his friend went up to him and they both did a big smile at me (?) i think it was just a coincedence though and then i talked to his friend and james kind of went a little ahead then i went back to james and talked to him.

ok so yesterday, i gave him a carnation (we were in different classes but people passed them out and instead of putting my name i put 'secret admirer') but his friend (the one he and i talked to) went up to me and said 'did you give James a carnation?' and i just said no what are you talking about because i didn't want him to find out because i'm semi-shy and this is a BIG thing for me to do and i'm just worried he'll find out! what should i say if he asks? what should i do? HELP ME!!!!!!!

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    9 years ago
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    take your time in getting to know him/ sometimes the shy one can be very exciting and wild but take your time and maybe it work it out. i know i was shy and very wild but kept it in

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    2 shy people trying to get together will result in one of two things, either one works up the courage to admit to their feelings and ask the other out, or things just fall in a heap and they friendzone each other (or at least the girl tends to).

    If you really want something to happen you have to just drop the question, ask if he likes you. Even though he's shy you would have made the first move and for that he'll be straight and honest. Most of the stuff there points to some hidden feelings, smiling especially. If he can't take that grin off his face then you know he likes you. Everything seems so insurmountable when it's the first time you do it but trust me, you'll be so relieved and have a nice sense of accomplishment once you do manage to work up the courage to get the ball rolling.

    All the best

    Source(s): I was once a very shy guy myself.
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    That was long, I'm shocked I read it all LOL

    I think he really likes you and is just shy so you should keep being consistent

    And it was a wrong move to tell his friend no, because now he thought you liked him not thinks you might not. But it's not that big of a deal, just continue talking to him regularly and eventually tell him it was you when yal get more comfortable with each other

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    Wow calm down just try and find out what he likes mainly what type of movies and find a current movie that is out in theaters and be like hey maybe we should hang out and go see ... This is a sure fire way to know if he likes you more then just a friend... Or you can be bold and simply ask him if he likes you...don't be creepy when you ask make it more playful like jokingly. Say something like I'm getting the feeling your starting to like me laugh and watch his reaction then say well if you do I kinda like you too...God bless hope it goes well...

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