Can I get car insurance in RI without a licence?

I have a permit and I go for my license in 3 weeks. I just bought a car and its illegal to park an uninsured, unregistered car anywhere. Does anyone know what I could do?

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    9 years ago
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    It is illegal to park an uninsured car on the street. However if you park it in your garage or storage (or other place that will not be involve in an accident) , you don't need to register and insure the car

    You can buy insurance without a licence. As long as you can prove that you own the car and the insurance benefit your (you are protect from claim for damage), you have the ground to buy insurance for the car

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    9 years ago

    yes you need to pick up the phone , open the yellow pages and start calling insurance agents asap. Juist like getting car insurance call as many agents as you can stand and get many wuoyrd , and then pick out the one that fits your needs the best. If you are under 18 then you need a perents permission. I would try to get on a family members insurance at first if possible,, as the insurance may be much less expensive in the beginning. Typically if you have not had recent insurance you will be considered a high risk. And insurance will be higher for the first policy period.

    If possible, get a six month policy and you will payt higher rates for six months instead of 12 best of luck, do not drive that car under any circumstances until its legal. There are many questions a day on here from people who got in a hurry and ended up in an accident (on a permit) or waiting for a license you name it, it has happwned. patience is the key. best of luck

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    You can't get insurance without a license. You can park an uninsured vehicle off the street. You might need to rent a spot in a storage lot or a u-store-it garage for a month if you don't have anyplace to put it.

    Edit: You can get hazard insurance such as fire or theft but you can't get liability without a license which is what the law requires to register a car and have it on the street.

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    9 years ago

    Despite what apparently you and so many people mistakenly believe. A drivers license IS NOT required to insure a car. Anyone who has an *insurable interest in a car may insure it. Owning the car qualifies as an insurable interest as do other situations.

    * an insurable interest means that the policy holder (or the beneficiary) must stand to suffer a direct financial loss if the event (against which the insurance cover was bought) does occur.

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