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To what extent can cats learn to mimic/understand human speech?

I call my mother "mama", and I'm pretty sure my cat has picked up on it ^_^ Is that possible? She was trying to get into mum's room just before, and I swear she said "mama", twice. She always has a very distinctive meow that sounds like muffled speech, but she's never actually used a word in context before. Could she actually have picked up on it, or is it just a coincidence?

Please, and thank you very much :)

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    They understand human language a lot better then speaking it. Some dogs and cats have mastered a few human words that really sound close to what we say. I had one cat that could say several human words and one or two of my cats now can say NO back....lol

    But they understand a lot more because they answer back (in cat language) to questions I've asked them.

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    My cat can say the word 'NO' and that usually happens when he doesn't want to be picked up. So yes I believe cats do understand simple commands and names of family members. My other cat knows how to do tricks and both of my cats know what a squirrel is and will come racing at full speed to see one from the window when I shout out 'squirrel squirrel' it's so cute. Oh and they'll come and follow me when I call out their name and I say 'come' the little one will actually walk right beside me like a trained dog where the other one will just come.

    Here's my cat following commands...


    Youtube thumbnail

    Enjoy! : )

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  • Anonymous
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    I don't know if this is your thread, or someone else with a very similar situation, but check it out. I think it's up to interpretation. Many cats just have weird sounding meows, but she could be mimicking your sounds as well.

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