People mistake me for being 30-something when I'm 23- how can I look my age?

I wear younger styles (although I can't when I'm at work) but if I go too much younger, I'm just afraid I'll look like someone in her thirties who is trying to be a teenager. I have no wrinkles, but I am overweight. Medical problems- can't really do much about that. What else can I do?


I have a medical problem that does not allow me to lose weight. Dear God, as if I didn't eat right and exercise already. Read the question completely before you answer.

Update 2:

If all you do is insult me, then your answer is getting reported. If you don't answer the question because you just want points, your answer is getting reported. I have come for advice, not to be belittled.

Update 3:

Thank you, Pem! A straightforward, helpful answer. I was about ready to delete this question.

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    Try to use a make up that makes you look youthful, for a dewy complexion (think J-Lo), also use a gloss on your lips that's not too dark, lipstick in dark colours can make lips appear thinner. Eyebrows are important, too thin can be ageing, a fuller eyebrow (although a neat fuller eyebrow) helps you to look young as everyone has fuller eyebrows in their youth.

    Wearing appropriate styles that are still young at work can be tricky, (I age 5 years Mon - Fri because of company dress policy), but I try to wear fun accessories and nice bright colours.

    I obviously don't know what you look like, but cutting and styling your hair in a way that gives it some volume and a nice rich colour will help too.

    Also, use a moisturiser with SPF20+ to keep future wrinkles at bay and drink plenty water.

    Hope this helps.


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    im 17 and ppl generally consider im 12. what my nephew does is everytime we meet new humans he asks them how ancient they consider i'm cuz i seem rather younger. he thinks its a recreation. haha

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    go to the gym. lose weight. exercise and eat right.

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    Boy . Sucks to be you.

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