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Have I got the definition of atheist wrong?

English isn't my main or even 1st or 2nd language so it's totally possiable that I could be way off with this but:-

I always thought atheist meant you didn't believe in God yet I see a lot of people always saying evolution didn't happen and it's wrong and that there is no evidence of the big bang theory (to which I always think of the red shift) now I know these could be tools to help the atheist belief but I see a lot of most Christians who assume too much of these and act like we pray down to them when in truth we just don't believe in God and further back it up with this evidence.

So does atheist in the west mean someone who believes in evolution and the big bang theory exclusively and no God?

BQ- Why do so many people think atheists fear God? If we don't believe in it too fear it


Ah what I more meant was :-

Atheists do not believe in God yet to try and prove atheists wrong people point out the flaws in evolution and the big bang theory, even if they where both proved wrong I would still not believe in a God, so why do they try to disprove these things?

Update 2:

@ Zintle, I might not have been doing theoretical physics for long but in science the term theory means different than in everyday usage. What you are saying is a hypothesis. Do you still think of gravity as a theory? and the theory of a flat world?

-and my grandmother made me have good grammar, she is English and said I couldn't live here with her unless I spoke and spelt at least as good as most English kids-

Update 3:

Thank you Thomasina, I'm sure my cousin has a movie called that somewhere about a little girl and her cat

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    An atheist is some one who makes an active choice to not believe in any deity system. That is all. There is no proof if they are right or not it is about as you correctly said evidence and drawn conclusions.

    Almost all religions accept the Evolution and Big Bang theories as valid by the way. They do not exclude the existence/nonexistence of God in any way.

    The thick ones in the west think the same way as your 3rd paragraph but they do not really understand the term atheist.

    P.S. You grammar is very good for a non English primary speaker well done.

    Edit the flat world thing was made up by a phone company by the way in the 70s. It is not a religious one.

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    Hello Mew

    First of all, I hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday.

    You are right about the definition of atheist - a person who does not believe in the existence of any deities. Most atheists accept the scientific theories that theists try to deny. This is because, in my view, the more fundamentalist Christian believes that every word in the Bible is fact and the word of "God". Therefore they cannot accept evolution and the big bang theory because if they did that, then their whole basis for their faith is undermined. This causes them to blindly deny the facts, no matter how often they are shown to be accurate. The saddest part of all, to me, is that if they question, or are challenged, then *obviously* Satan is active and therefore to be resisted - an argument that no-one can beat! There are of course, many Christians and people of other faiths who are perfectly at ease with the science of life, the Universe and everything!

    I am sure there are atheists who don't accept the various scientific evidence too but still remain convinced that there is no "God". The non-belief in "God" is the only thing that you can be sure we have in common.

    Edit: Thomasina is indeed about a young girl and her cat. It is a book by Paul Gallico and, of course, a film.

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    Atheism is the lack of belief in any god. Believers are often taught that evolution and the Big Bang are lies invented to get rid of God and that all atheists accept them because those theories are what allow them to stop believing, but that's completely ridiculous.

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    @Jesus Christ is coming soon:" Atheists don't fear him.

    Atheists they can't stand God. And they don't care for him either."

    IF they thought any of these brutal god's were real, THEN they wouldn't be able to stand the god.

    Atheists don't actually believe there's a god to 'not stand' in the first place. The only thing unbelievers can't stand, is the concept of the god they are being told about - that's not the same as knowing he exists, and not being able to stand him.

    Your choice of name is quite sick actually. It's like posting in a forum for Jews in World War II, with the nametag: 'Hitler Is Coming'.

    What is it with christians that CAN'T WAIT for Jesus to come back and wipe out the human race in the biggest even of mass genocide since god p**sed on the world, and Noah's ark floated about in it?

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    I think many atheists would agree that they have reached their lack of belief in any gods from different angles. Some reach it through philosophical considerations, some would say they were being rational, some would argue that science proves there is no reason for a god to exist. I just read the bible and asked difficult questions that did not give rise to any satisfactory answers from my church ministers, I also asked questions of myself.

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    Fundamentalist Christians believe that the big bang and evolution are an atheist attack on their beliefs, it isn't of course, it's just science that most mainstream Christians have no problem with.

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    No Atheists do not believe in magic men in the sky.

    You say:"Why do so many people think atheists fear God? If we don't believe in it too fear it"

    That's just those silly Christians not using their own brains again.

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    For your information The Evolution theory is not evidence, it is STILL just a THEORY. Maybe atheists should stop backing their "belief" up with THEORIES then we wouldn't have point out the flaws in it just as atheists continuously point out the flaws in the BIBLE because WE also use it to back-up our own beliefs.

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    Atheists are people who don't believe in any gods.

    Everything else people try to attach to it isn't part of the definition.

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    An atheist lacks belief in god, it's not that he disbelieves, but the belief itself does not exist. From Greek 'atheos' meaning 'no god'. If there is 'no god', how can you believe in it?

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