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What would a human be like today without education?

I was reading a periodical in the local ledger outlining the cause for the need of education for a functional Society and how without it a human would revert to prehistoric skills such as foraging and hunting. Now I was wondering what a human would be like today without education and exposure to civilizations great advancements and If truly deep down inside we are beasts and that our society just became advanced not our inner human? Of course I have a hard time believing creationism I still believe in God but if Darwin was right then what happens to us if education and society and government falls will we revert back into Pagan beasts? I have always wondered that? Please answer logically as I would like to know what do you think a human would be like without education and proper instruction on behaviour.

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    You may be emphasizing only part of the issue. Education is what is available when a person steps into a classroom, opens a book or attends a seminar. LEARNING is what makes the difference between a person who is knowledgeable and the village idiot. Many attend school at different levels. Only some of them choose to absorb the knowledge available and even fewer understand how to put it to use.

    The process of education isn't a passive experience. You can't walk into a room and order five pounds of education. You have to enter with both a willingness to learn and an understanding of how learning applies to real life situations. Too many children are brought up to believe that if they sit passively in the classroom, somehow they will leave 12 or 20 years later with "an education."

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    What is beast like about foraging and hunting?

    Whats wrong with pagan beasts?

    Without education and instruction they would not have comprehension of language or societies social skills, they would still want love and nourishment.

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    I totally disagree with that statement because in the third world countries, there are a lot of illiterate people but they still manage their lives and live in nice villages and houses and they are the most friendly and respectable people that I have ever met. The word education doesn't apply to them but they are normal humans. In fact, religion and money has destroyed the true spirits of humans. We live in an insane greedy world, where money is everything.

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    If something happened that removed all technology, man would indeed revert back to survival instincts. They would gather into clans for strength of numbers. The human mind has evolved to the point we would not be like cave people, but would probably arrive at better solutions to every day living scenarios.

    I, for one, can't understand why people can't understand God's creation and Darwinism at the same time.

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    Yea that's what will happen but I think well become just really bad people if society falls I don't think it will make us dumb

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    Philosophically speaking, he will be illiterate and ignorant.

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    A Chav?

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