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I'm 16 years of age and was just wondering how much it would cost me to buy a movie ticket at a cinema?

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    You could be looking anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00. Or even a $1.00. It really depends where you are and where you go. If you are looking for cheap, check out a budget theater! But if you want new movie releases go to a nice theater and the tickets can cost from $8 to $12. 3D movies are $15 to $20. Don't even waste your money on their over-priced condiments, sneak some goodies in with you.. :)

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    It depends where you go and what their policies are. If you are a student and have ID show them, normally an adult will cost up to $14, but if u have ID you get what they call a student concession, which should drop the price to $9, it really does depend what sort of concessions the place has going and what day, where I go they have what they call $8 Tuesday's, so yeah...

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    Well amc 20 in independance cost $10 and about $10 more for imax 3d

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    um.......... what country?? have you never been to a movie?? it depends anywhere from $5- a couple of hundred. Normally for normal seats they are $10-20 but it depends on so many different things.

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