Pain in appendix area? :(?

Earlier, I was walking in and out of our building because I had to submit papers on time so I rushed but I didn't run. Then after a few minutes when I was walking back to the library, there was a sudden pain in my appendix but it was not constant. There will be pain, then it will be gone, then back again then gone again. I'm just afraid that I'll be diagnosed with appendicitis if I didn't do anything about it sooner. So would there be a chance that it'd be appendicitis? please help :(

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    You should get this checked by your GP but generally pain brought on by appendicitis is a more constant pain rather than sharp,sudden pains.Appendicitis usually presents itself alongside other symptoms such as vomiting and fever.Again, I would recommend that you get this checked by your GP as soon as possible as if it is appendicitis,the longer you leave it the more chance there is of your appendix rupturing,which can be life threatening.

  • Yes. Appendicitis.

    But if you are referring to the appendix of one of your book...

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