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I can't get motivated to work?

I need help and advice to get motivated to do some schoolwork. I have like a whole week to do it and then I end up doing it the night before or even the morning. How can I actually push myself to work???

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    push yourself to work by thinking that this school work is a part of those steps to richness and fame! think to yourself that if you work hard now, that you will know a lot in the future and that knowledge will get you the money you need to buy stuff like mansions, Lamborghini's ect ect...

    Source(s): i do this all the time, it works!
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    you were not born knowing math.

    the same is true with other things.

    where did you learn how to learn?

    have you taken any courses in reading or studying? probably not.

    evelyn wood speed reading method, might be a good place to start. you can also learn studying methods for related works, or even a combined book. finishing work early is always easier.

    you see when you read much faster, and absorb the material easier, you do not push yourself to work harder, you work easier, but better. you can actually work less hard, but complete more.

    learning how to learn, is important, if you want to do better, than those who do not know it.

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    Destroy anything that was made after 1930. There will be nothing more to keep you distracted. This may include close family and friends.... lol.

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