Tattoo ideas? How to hide it from my Nan?

I'm 15, almost 16.. My mum said she might let me have a small tattoo on my sixteenth because she has tattoos herself and because mine has a meaning, i'm doing really good at school, i'm not a bad kid that goes out drinking every night, i smoke though and my mum lets me smoke in the garden even though she wasn't happy in the start but she doens't mind now, a lot of my friends had tattos at the age of 13/14/15, one of my friend has one on her wrist at fourteen, with no meaning. She hates it. I want to be careful with the tattoo i choose and make sure i love it. I want to get a little star/cross pattern around my nipple or near there with my grandads' initials there, it means something to me, my grandas was my hero, my idol. He died with cancer about 4 years ago. Don't you guys go hating and giving me lectures now because i didn't ask for that, i've asked for tattoo ideas. There's a couple of tattooists around where i live that do them for underage, so i'm fine by that. The other problem is, my Nan is against tattoos and piercings what so ever, i have my ear stretched to a 8mm(she thinks it's a earing) eyebrow piercing(she knows about but always says bad stuff about it) and a dermal on my collar bone(she doesn't know about) could you guys give me tips on how to hide my tattoo(if i get one) from her? Cover it with make-up? I'll choose best answer, thanks guys :-)

To conclude this: I want


i knew some people like you would be hating, i really don't care, i want one that has a meaning, maybe your different to me, old fashioned i guess :-)

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  • 9 years ago
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    First I would wait till you are 18 and go to a reputable artist - ones who tat underagers are usually poor artists and sloppy with hygiene aftercare, etc.

    The design sounds nice, but not in the nipple area. Imagine you are with your boyfriend and things get steamy. No guy wants to think about your dead grandpa at a time like that!

    Also, I'm sure your nan appreciates you love him, but if she's anti tattoo maybe she'd prefer you expressed it some other way.

    No offence intended, just my opinions :-)

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    9 years ago

    It is illegal to get tattoos done under the age of 18, if you know someone who is doing them then they are probably breaking the law! Getting it done around your nipple area will be incredibly painful - as there are lots of nerve endings (had one done just above and cried like a baby!). Maybe have it on an area of the body that you keep covered,or can cover easily, most of the time, bottom of your back or hip?

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    9 years ago

    yeah right like the tattoo guy would let a 13 year old get a tattoo.

    anyway, if he means that much to you, then your nan would be happy about it. it was her husband after all.

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    5 years ago

    Try concealer! If you aren't on a budget visit your local ULTA or Sephora to purchase the Kat Von D concealer, and it should do the trick. If you want a cheap alternative purchase the hard candy glamoflauge at Wal Mart.

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  • 9 years ago

    dont let the haters get you down im 13 and have one. and for the ideas maybe get a quote, or lyrics to a song that means somethings to you. but if/when you get a tattoo make sure it means something to you dont let it just be a random thing you did for fun. i dont know how to hide it but i hoped i help c:

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    9 years ago

    why would u want to have a tattoo at 16 u dumbass

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