Does this girl like me/is she interested?

alright so i met this cute blonde at a party and she goes to the same school as a 9th grader and shes a 8th grader. ok so at the party i danced with her. it actually wasnt hard for me to get her to dance with me, i just wrapped my arm around her and with no hesitation, she went with me. i think she recognized me from school since we made eye contact quite a few times. we say hi whenever we see each other in school, she smiles and thats about it.. anyways i was just wondering if she is interested, because i have plans to hook up with her soon.thanks!

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    Its hard to tell with that little detail.. But chances are she would be if she danced with you and you both had a good time! Take it a bit slow though.. Dont just plunge in for the kiss! You've got to play it cool and get to know each other a bit more.. Flirt a little ! Let her know that you're a nice guy.

  • lolita
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    9 years ago

    ask her thats the only way to find out for sure

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