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HELP! Would this be on a police check?!?

I have to get a police check to work with education (childcare). I am beginning uni mid semester and I am 18yo (Live in AUS so I'm an official adult).

What kind of things will be on a police check? I've never been in trouble/got a fine/court or anything.

But I have given a statement to police once when I was 15 (it wasn't about anything completely serious).

And also, when I was 16, I was with my boyfriend in a park late at night in his car (it wasn't anything bad, we were just there). But the police were around cause they were obviously concerned (more about our saftey) and took our details/wrote them down (like from our license and stuff).

But will that be on the police check? Or nah because it wasn't like serious and I was under 18?

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    If you did nothing illegal, questionable or suspicious it will not go on your record and thus no one will know about it. If everything you said is true, provided nothing else is missing then you will be fine.

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    Australian police checks only reveal matters where you were found guilty of an offence by a court.

    Giving a statement to police is not a crime, and nor is it illegal to have the police come and check your license details.

    So no, this wouldn't be on your record check. Even if it was, you would never be denied permission to enrol in education based on these matters alone.

    If you are in NSW, then the NSW police do the check- you can find out their policies here:

    Their FAQ for criminal records are here:

    If you are in another state, check out the police website for that state.

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    I do not believe so but you can go to courthouse and find out just by asking. just go and ask for a back ground check they will give it to you.

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