A girl requested a relationship on facebook what shall i do!?

Right this is a long one!

So i met this girl at gliding called Penny in February 2011, she was really nice, she had just moved up from hampshire to Cheddar and i liked her so after a few months i asked her out and she said no, fair enough. We have become really close since, like proper close, she sometimes jokes about im the brother she never had.so last easter(2011) she had a Friend come over to stay from hampshire, one night they came on webcam, this was the first time i met Katie!, i had seen photos of her on Penny's page and never thought much of her but when i saw her on webcam, she was beautiful and we chatted for ages when Penny went out the room we got on really well. well she added me on facebook and the last few months i have reallied i really like her! I kept this to myself because i wasn't sure how alex felt, This was until about 2 weeks ago when i told Penny i liked alex and she was over the moon for me. Penny spoke to Katie and apparently she liked me too! But now i was stuck, she lives like 3 hours drive away and ive never actually met her! i have never been in a relationship and i was unsure if it would work with being such a long way away. Well i talked to her and said we would meet up and that seemed it we were going at a slow pace. This was until Penny went down to visit Katie yesterday and i come how yesterday from a long drive tierd and a bit grumpy to find a relationship status request from Katie. She was asking me out! But ive never met this girl what will happen! Then i went on a video call with both Penny and Katie at the same time! it was sooo awkward. so i put it off skirted round the subject. Then after like 4-5 hours she withdrew the offer. Turns out Penny had sent the relationship request. Now Katie thinks i don't like her!!! WHAT DO I DO!!! HELP!!!!

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    Wow that was really long, and quite confusing..

    But anyway! I think ur best option here would be to be straight up! COMMUNICATION is essential! Especially when technology is involved.. If you like this girl then you should tell her, but also discuss how you think the distance would be an issue and how you could work around it!.. Lay all the cards on the table and see where you go from there.

    You might as well give this a shot?- you hav nothing to lose..

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    9 years ago

    Ask her out! That will solve the 'he doesnt like me question"

    Just drive down and go on a proper date. If she is worth it, you will make it work.

  • 9 years ago

    Accept it and look like a boss :)

  • 9 years ago

    Here's a straw..... SUCK IT UP!!

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