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is it time for Israel to stop iran?

i believe irans continued murder of the Jews warrant it.

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  • 9 years ago
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    This kind of scare-mongering has happened before...as a prelude to attack Iraq. WMD, right?!?

    What was found?

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    9 years ago

    The international community doesn't work that way any more.

    There's a 3 step protocol for dealing with rogue nations like Iran.

    1. Diplomacy to resolve issues peacefully.

    2. Sanction to force compliance if diplomatic efforts are ignored.

    3. UN sanction for military action when diplomacy & sanctions fail.

    Right now, the world's waiting on the latest round of sanctions to have an effect.

    If they're not enough to bring Iran to heel, the next step will be taken.

    Iran doesn't have a hope in hell against a multinational UN enforcement mission.

    So the only question is if Iran's theocratic regime will surrender to the will of the international community or suffer the consequences for threatening world peace.

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    4 years ago

    and... Israel has performed an analogous regarding threats to Iran as a ways back as 2008 and previous. i'm not a supporter of the two u . s . a ., and in actuality, I choose we could shop our nostril out of alternative's conflicts. nonetheless, what's honest is honest in that the two u . s . a .'s have made threats in direction of one yet another. Its exciting that Iran's nuclear improve has been an ongoing difficulty for years. right here, interior the U. S. and interior the UN, its been reported time and time lower back and not something has been performed approximately it. purely communicate. the real concern is why has this not been dealt with in the process the final decade whilst Iran has persisted on with their nuke software? and why has this remember taken the spotlight lower back and why Iraq have been given hit in accordance with dodgy info and not Iran, whilst it became clean back earlier the ME wars that Iran became arising nukes.

  • 9 years ago

    Israel is NOT the world's police force !

    Even though they mistakenly believe themselves to be the "chosen ones".

    They should get their own house in order before they try to "save" the rest of us.

    Perhaps if they start actually practicing what they preach, and abide by ALL of the laws of their own religion, not just those they chose to, then things will change for the better !

    If Iran DOES get nuclear weapons, what the hell can they do with them ? Really !

    All they can do is use them as a deterrent, like every other nuclear power.

    Because using them means certain self-destruction.

    Israel has far more nuclear warheads, and other allies of Israel have thousands.

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  • 9 years ago

    What would you do if someone said they will wipe you off the map?

    What would you do if the Ayatollah said your a cancerous growth that

    must be removed?

    What would you do if these same people are working to devlop a nuclear

    device that they intend to use to destroy you?

    Hell yes, it;s time to do something to stop Iran.

    Note: There are no more Jews in Iran. They have all been kicked out.

  • 9 years ago


    ... and Iran has a sizeable Jewish population and Jewish MPs.


    @ ag318pun ... `The Constitution of Iran says that Jews are equal to Muslims. Imam Khomeini visited with members of the Jewish community and issued a decree ordering the adherents of Judaism and other revealed religions to be protected. Jews are entitled to self-administration and one member of the 290-seat Majlis is elected by only Jews. Jewish burial rites and divorce laws are accepted by Islamic courts. Tehran has over 20 synagogues. Iran has one of only four Jewish charity hospitals in the world. The hospital has received donations from top Iranian officials, including President Ahmadinejad. Kosher butcher shops are available in Iran. There are Hebrew schools and coeducation is allowed`

    `The Association of Tehrani Jews said in a statement, "We Iranian Jews condemn claims of the US State Department on Iranian religious minorities, announced that we are fully free to perform our religious duties and we feel no restriction on performing our religious rituals``

    No Jews have been kicked out of Iran.

    Do not confuse Zionism and the State of Israel with Judaism.

    `According to Encyclopædia Britannica: "The Jews trace their heritage in Iran to the Babylonian Exile of the 6th century BC and, like the Armenians, have retained their ethnic, linguistic, and religious identity."

    `Almost every city of Iran has a Jewish attraction, shrine, or historical site. Prominent among these are the Esther and Mordechai and Habakkuk shrines of Hamedan, the tomb of Daniel in Susa, and the "Peighambariyeh" mausoleum in Qazvin. Usually Muslims go to Daniel shrine for pilgrimage.

    There are also tombs of several outstanding Jewish scholars in Iran such as Harav Ohr Shraga in Yazd and Hakham Mullah Moshe Halevi (Moshe-Ha-Lavi) in Kashan, which are also visited by Muslim pilgrims`

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    Here's what I see.........there's this steady drumbeat to bomb Iran.......because they are trying to acquite nuclear weapons.

    Ironic, isn't it? We don't want THEM to have nuclear weapons, we we threaten them with ours .

    This is suppose to deter their quest to get some of their own, HOWWWWWW??????????

    Clearly, those with the weapons, set the agenda, ......and Iran is saying........we are sick of YOUR agenda, and we want to make our own agenda.

    They want the same right, China, Russia, France, England Germany, Israel,India, Pakistan and North Korea, and the United States, and every other NUCLEAR power out there has.......

    to use nuclear weapons as a deterrent, from these VERY sorts of THREATS, to BOMB them, for simply doing what a dozen other countries on the planet have done......invest in nuclear technology.

    Morally speaking, no one has a leg to stand, much less the United States, ....the only nation to have lobbed two nukes at someone else.

    Bush's theory of "Pre-emtive" strike.....is a first strike, no matter what pretty label you slap on it.

    We have ZERO justification for a FIRST Strike. ZERO.

    No, of course, I don't LIKE it.......but does international LAW apply to ALL; or just the people we like?

    No, it apllies to all. And therefore, any attack on Iran, is a FIRST STRIKE, and they would be TOTALLY, and completely JUSTIFIED to strike back.

    ANY country capable of doing so, would do the EXACT same.

    Now what do we see??????? Oh, all of a sudden, two cars blow up, and Israel blames IRAN, before the smoke even clears.

    How convienient.

    a little TOO obvious. Lets see the PROOF it was Iran......and even THEN.....come on.......don't be a chump.

    How hard would it be to frame Iran ? Not that Iran is any angel.....but we all see what's going on here........they're LOOKING for excuses to bomb Iran. And if they can't FIND one, they'll manufacture one. I ain't that blind.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No, it is time for Israel to go bug out and mind it's own business as they are the cause to every single problem in the Middle-East and they are the ones who spark everything up. Iran is a country of its own the U.S and Israel need to realize they aren't living in a fairy-tale they are not the greatest of them all and there are others who have lots of power.

    Israel murdered nuclear scientists in Iran scared that they will be more powerful ( which they already are)

    Israel murdered young children in 2006 in Lebanon they murdered families bombed peoples houses.

    Israel is the one which is causing all this distribution in Syria.

    And it is people like you who are like sheep and believe everything your government tells you.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Why is Israel allowed to have nuclear weapons but Iran isnt? Israel said that, should israel fall in war, they will take everyone else down with them. It sounds to me like both countries are instigating violence, and that this is being ignored in an anti-iran frenzy.

  • 9 years ago

    no its time for iran to stop israel

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Enemies of Israel, Come Forth

    Home > Volume 7 > Enemies of Israel, Come Forth


    12/31/09 From God The Father - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

    Thus says The Lord God of Israel: The time has come, when I shall rise up and spare My people. Yea, I shall stretch out My hand and deliver them, even all of them; yes, the believer and the wicked alike shall be spared... Even all who dwell in My land, the land which I had promised to Abraham and have given to the seed of Jacob, forever.

    Yet let it be known, and let the people understand: For My own name’s sake shall I perform this, for it is time to reveal My hand to the peoples of the earth. It is time for the name of The Lord your God to be made known, for I shall cause My name to resound in all the earth... Behold, it shall resound loudly! It shall sound! And My power shall be made fully known!

    Then shall you know, even as it is written and I Myself had spoken it, that I AM THE LORD; and I have dealt with you for My own name’s sake, and not according to your wicked ways, nor according to your corrupt doings, O house of Israel, says The Lord God.

    Therefore, let My people bow down and give thanks. And let the atheist consider and weep for his soul; let his intellect fail him and his heart melt like wax before the fire... And let all My enemies fear! LET ALL IN THE EARTH TREMBLE! For behold, I am standing! I am coming down to take a stand! And My anger has come up into My face!

    Behold, the enemies of Israel are gathered together; evil thoughts have entered their hearts. Lo, I have hardened them for My purpose, saying, “COME FORTH! Gather together! Come swiftly! Yes, all you wicked nations, come! Make a pact and come forth! You, and your armies with you! Yes, come against the land I had given to My people! Come quickly to destroy and take your spoil!”... For the time has come, and I am eager to perform My will...

    Stand fast in battle array, cover the land like a shadow and take aim! For you shall be cut down! I shall cut you down as blighted wheat before the scythe, as a diseased sheaf left standing in the open field, set as stubble before the fire! Says The Lord.

    Behold, I shall make of you a spectacle!

    And you shall be for a sign to all nations!

    Even the sun shall be covered!...

    And you and all your company shall be struck by My own hand!

    Yes, I shall strike you down and fill your hearts with madness!


    The God who reigns in Israel!...

    The One and Only True God, Creator of Heaven and Earth!...


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