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should I buy the nokia n900 in 2012?

is the nokia n900 worth it to buy today? it was released in 2009 and should i buy another phone that is recent or is the nokia n900 worth it?

it is worth $200.

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    a couple things, about the N900

    1. it is not manufactured (or even distributed) by NOKIA anymore;

    you may come across a yet unsold prime exemplary in a small phone shop in some remote corner, but otherwise it will be difficult to get a (factory) new one;

    there are however a number of refurbished ones available, from local shops as well as on e-Bay, but you better be careful with later. the original ones come (came?) with two year factory warranty honored by NOKIA world wide; later only have warranty by the seller, if at all.

    2. the N900 even though usually sold as such, isn't a smart phone per se. it is more like a "pocket computer" running a full fledged PC OS (Maemo), a Debian (Linux) variant. if this is what you are looking for, then, yes, the N900 is not only worth every penny you will pay for it but is in fact the last remnant of a dying kind.

    you can of course use the N900 like a mobile phone, even a (very) smart one, but there are a number of other devices out there which offer a better price / performance ratio; even with 200$, you can easily get a NOKIA E7 or C6 (with a full QWERTY keyboard, even a better one then the one from the N900 which has only three rows & is thus a little cramped even though notably faster then any on screen keyboard once you get used to it)

    and as NOKIA has shutdown the "web front end" of the OVI store for Maemo (the N900's OS), the OVI applications are only available (as well as hundreds others) through repositories (or catalogs as NOKIA named them); nothing unusual if you are even a little familiar with a Linux PC, but if you just want a (smart) phone, it is probably a bit of a hassle.

    furthermore, with time passing, will come a NOKIA Suite (the windooooz program from NOKIA with which you can update most NOKIA devices) where the N900 will NOT be supported any more. in that case, the only way to re-flash your N900 would be with a little program (see this wiki for instructions)

    again, nothing impossible, but if you are just looking for a (smart) phone, it may be more trouble then you may want to get yourself into...

    PS: about Symbian being a "dead" platform... the rumors are based on the assumption that NOKIA will go all m@ke$$h!t, eee, m$, of course.

    well, in 2011, m$ share of (idiot) phones has gone from over 1% (mostly from the old WM) to less then a %, but still with a fair share of WM devices; thus, WP is THE dead platform and unless NOKIA wants to die, they will have no other choice then to get back to Symbian, which they have been preparing for (as a plan B) ever since Flop, the Canadian drone that came over from m$ end of 2010 took over.

    think of Flop coming to NOKIA like Apple kicking out Steve Jobs in 1986;

    NOKIA still has to find their "Steve Jobs" to save them from bankruptcy, but Flop certainly isn't it

    PPS: apps? here is an overview of many of the apps available for the N900's Maemo... (736 and counting; it may not seem much compared to the 100 of thousands apps for other platforms, but they cover most needs as they are written by N900 USERs (!) who mostly write them because they need them and in the spirit of FOSS (Free Open Source Software) share them...)

    Source(s): N900 owner (actually two, one as my primary mobile & a 2nd one as a spare, to make them last as long as possible) hopefully, once NOKIA goes back to Symbian, they will also release more (MeeGo -) Maemo devices again :)
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    its very worth it, its an exceptional device. If u look at all its features

    u will see just how advanced it was when it was released. And its still a better device than many.

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