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Facebook how to hide photo fromwall?

Hi I would like to know how to hide a photo you're tagged in from your Facebook wall. When I scroll over it and click hide from profile the photo is removed from the wall but at the same time I'm there a way to just hide the photo without untagging yourself?

(btw the photo I'm talking about is the one that appears on your profilewall and says something like blahblah(you) has been tagged in the photo)

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    yes , you can follow the FaceBook help . And the photo that you want to haid go to that photo and they'er is an icon , you can see that in your right on the photo click it and see it

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  • As per my knowledge, there should be a small dialog box at the right side of every post or image. Click on it and select 'only me'.

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    dont post in your wall.

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