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How to block/erase something from your mind?

Is there ANY possible way to block or erase a traumatizing event from your memory all together? I keep having hourly flashbacks of a troubling event from my past and it's caused me deep depression, guilt, paranoia and serious thoughts of suicide. I cannot progress any more in my life until this memory is gone. I cannot go to a shrink, I have no insurance. Blocking it out is my only option.

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    Blocking out the memory would be the worst option you can choose. You're lucky now you can recall the memory for there are memories our mind automatically blocks and hides away from us just below awareness level in the subconscious level. Get this though. Although the memory is hidden away in the subconscious level, it still affects the person's personality and mood or character.

    Those are the one's to look out for. Anyway, the easily recalled traumatizing memory of yours could, in fact, be the reason for your undesired feelings although I doubt it is the sole culprit, for as i mentioned before, because the memory resides in your conscious level of awareness, it cannot be attributed to your feelings of despair, for feelings stem from deep down in the unconscious mind.

    To rid yourself of a conscious unwanted memory could be prove quite simple. All you need to do is come to peace with the siuation or experience.

    Forgive whoever it was who wronged you and accept whatever it was that happened for that is the only way to genuinely move on. You need to rid yourself of all hate you may have in your heart. Forgive forgive forgive, accept accept accept. Tolerate. Be patient with others. Not anyone on this planet ever was nor ever will be perfect. We all endure different paths where sometimes we may fall victim, and or sometimes we may fall as the agitator. Bad guy, the antagonist, the a****le. It's all part of the sheer beauty this unique life has to offer. Isn't it amazing how life can be all good one minute, and then spiraling downward the next, then before you know it, it's back to feeling amazing..

    .You need to open your mind enough to grasp the idea that no matter what happens here on earth, it's utterly insignificant for true, incredible love and acceptance awaits us in the next act of our existence. Be happy with what ever you have and whoever you're lucky enough to know. Happiness is literally just a thought away.

    Now ridding yourself of whatever it is in your subconsious mind, (there is something) will be a bit harder..the best thing to do aside from usinmg therapists is jotting down your dreams everytime you have them. They are the window to your subconscious and they will set you free. You will need someone to interpret the dreams for you..i can help you with that, or you can attempt to interpret them yourself. The denotations of your dreams will help you unlock the repressed memory locked deep within your subconcsious..a couple of tips before you start, try to be as least stubborn possible and as patient as possible. Good luck and feel free to contact me so i may help you interpret your dreams..

    Source(s): Don't give up! Never lose hope. Always keep in mind that you are the best thing that has ever happened to the universe realm. We all are. We have the power to experience and feel and love. Anything else outside the world, does not.
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    There is a way.But its not easy.

    To do that you must try your best to get tons of new memories and NEVER think of it NEVER EVER!!!!

    After time the memory will start to get baried under the new things you remember.The best idea is to have as much fun as possible. Not fun that will make you feel sorry or add a new memorry like the one your adressing and it will feel like it has erased itself.

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    Have you seen Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind ?

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    You may consult a psychologist if it's too extreme. But then again, it's just all in the mind... and willpower is very important.

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    Engage yourself in something else..don't waste time in thinking "oh I have to forget this" if that doesn't work..go for Hypnosis! xP

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