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Why is cannabis legal in the Netherlands?

I'm trying to find what happend in Dutch history to make "soft drugs" legal there, but I can't find anything. Help?

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  • Mutt
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    9 years ago
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    It's not legal in the Netherlands. It's only tolerated in small amounts. In other words, it is illegal, but if you only have a joint or so on you, it's policy to look the other way. And, because of the abuse that this policy has caused, they are tightening it down a lot. The "tolerance" is being more and more applied only to residence, and not tourists.

  • Bob B
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    9 years ago

    Policymakers in the Netherlands came to the conclusion that it was not possible to effectively eradicate drug use via prohibition, and so it was decided that attention should be better spent on reducing the harm they cause. They also realised that legalisation made it harder for criminals to profit off drug distribution.

    As such, drug use in the Netherlands is considered to be a public health issue, as opposed to a criminal one.

    Incidentally, policies in the Netherlands have started to become a bit stricter of late, with products of higher cannabis concentration (over 15%) being stepped up to the "hard" drug category, and access to cannabis coffee shops being resticted to dutch citizens with membership cards only. This was partly in response to concerns of "drug tourism" to the area.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Simple answer: there are no political or social reasons to make it illegal

    The truth is cannabis is not chemically addictive, it doesn’t cause long term illness or harm (with reasonable usages), it has pro-health effects, and it can be used in a number of ways to produce goods. So why would the Netherlands make it illegal, it makes no sense for them to do so.

  • 9 years ago

    Because the Netherlands has realised that legalising soft drugs is better. It reduces crime.

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