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How come girls wont date guys with negative attitudes?


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it's honestly very hard to have a positive attitude about anything when women pass up guys who are nice to them for jerks and then complain about how bad men are. Also having to change like 9/10 things about yourself (including transforming into a total jerk) and then watching how much women become attracted to it is hardly something to be positive about. Not to mention women have some weird idea that guys are supposed to do everything in relationships from asking them to controlling where the relationship goes. It's hard not to have a negative attitude after trying to build something up and getting rejected either especially since it would be so much simpler if girls actually tried communicating and/or asking guys out + taking a bigger roll in a relationship.

honestly women have it so easy it's unbelievable. they need to get out of their ivory towers, get some real experience, and then evaluate their thought processes again.

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    Sean is incorrect and so are you, you may be a nice guy but you are depressing and blameful about why women wont be with you.

    Would you want to be with someone like this?

    You also seem to think that women are like this or women are like that, open your eyes!! and grow up! you obviously have been hanging around girls and not women.

    And if you are changing things about your self you have a weak character! And do not derserve a women, as women prefer strong men, and humble souls.

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    Men With Bad Attitudes

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    I'm not even sure where to begin with this. The women you're talking about are fickle and immature. Believe it or not, we aren't all like that. Any woman who's actually worth your time isn't going to try to make you into another person or expect you to be solely responsible for maintaining the relationship.

    No woman wants to date a man with that attitude. Women generally tear themselves down pretty well without being dragged down even further by someone who obviously hates them. We don't need your help. I'm sorry you've had bad luck with chicks in the past and I'm sorry you think it's their fault you're so miserable, but you're as much a part of the equation as they are. Reevaluate your own thought processes first. Your penis does not automatically endow you with more "real experience" than a woman. Based on your attitude, it makes me seriously question how much experience you actually have. People, including women, get rejected ALL THE TIME. It's not an experience restricted to poor, downtrodden "nice" men. Move on, grow a little. It sucks, but it happens.

    People need to show some love to each other more often. I keep hearing this same woman-hating crap over and over, and I'm so tired of it. The man-bashing I see all over the place is just as bad, so I understand your irritation. Please try to understand mine, and try to understand this:

    Women want nice men. They do. I'm completely serious when I say that.

    They do NOT, however, want BORING. And unfortunately, for many people (of both genders, mind you) it seems to be much easier to see a "jerk" as exciting because they always create tension, and it's usually pretty instant. It's a trap, and a surprising number of people fall for it.

    My advice, though I'm aware you didn't ask for it: First, if you want to alienate a woman, tell her she "has it easy." It works great not just at pissing her off, but also makes you seem ignorant.

    Second, let go of the baggage. Do it for yourself. You're making yourself unhappy by hanging onto it. I know this from experience.

    Third, never, NEVER, change yourself for somebody else. Not even to make them like you more, not even to make them notice you, -definitely- not because they ask or tell you to -- just be who you are. Everyone respects a person who can be comfortable in their own skin and women flock to that kind of confidence.

    That said, while you should always be true to yourself, you should also try to be the best possible you, and not a total downer like this question suggests you may be. It's one thing to be a bit pessimistic -- it's another thing entirely to be intolerably bitter and snub an entire group of people based on the actions of a few bad apples. You can do better than that. Give yourself a chance (or another chance, if you want to be technical) to be positive.

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck! I really hope you get things straightened out and meet someone who's not a waste of your time. But... you know. Don't be a waste of hers.

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    Who wants to date a guy who has such a poor idea about women? I don't. I have no interest in defending my choices with men who just want to pull me down. By the way, I have no interest in getting guys to do "everything in relationships" and have not an iota of interest in having them pay my way. I look after myself and expect you to do so as well.

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    You have a bad attitude toward women but they are supposed to date you? All I can say is learn to act.

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    With that attitude of yours?!!....Ha ha..No wonder they reject you.

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