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How come girls wont date guys with negative attitudes?


it's honestly very hard to have a positive attitude about anything when women pass up guys who are nice to them for jerks and then complain about how bad men are. Also having to change like 9/10 things about yourself (including transforming into a total jerk) and then watching how much women become attracted to it is hardly something to be positive about. Not to mention women have some weird idea that guys are supposed to do everything in relationships from asking them to controlling where the relationship goes. It's hard not to have a negative attitude after trying to build something up and getting rejected either especially since it would be so much simpler if girls actually tried communicating and/or asking guys out + taking a bigger roll in a relationship.

honestly women have it so easy it's unbelievable. they need to get out of their ivory towers, get some real experience, and then evaluate their thought processes again.

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    I have to agree with the other answer.

    why would you want to date somebody who has a negative attitude all the time??

    it's a real downer & personally i always try to be positive so being with someone who is negative ALL the time... it wouldn't work out.

    being rejected - sucks

    watching a girl or guy you like, starting to date a jerk - sucks

    getting hurt - sucks

    but remember not all women are jerks, there are some decent women out there still, you shouldn't hold every single woman on Earth responsible for a bunch of other women's decisions.

    positive - girl who rejects you - misses her chance at being with the good guy.

    - she will regret it later on

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    Oddly, I've heard this question dozens of times throughout my life... this is a fairly accurate answer to the question that I explain to men...

    Women in general want a happy medium when it comes to men. They want the masculine toughness, but also that tender side rolled into one person. It very rarely exists that way. There are men who are categorized as jerks, and men that are categorized as pushovers. Neither are desired, but when it comes down to it, if you can't find the happy medium... which is the combination of both... a jerk is always going to be preferable to a pushover, and will be chosen first because of the more masculine tendencies.

    It's nature... Men are hunters. Women are gatherers. The most masculine warrior wins the hearts of all. You want to avoid this vicious cycle... become the happy medium.

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    Why would we want to date someone that brings us down, would you?

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