What are the signs/symptoms that someone is bi polar....?

Well....I think I'm bi-polar. Or I've got some f*ck up with my mind or something....I'm 17. Can y'all please list out all the signs or symptoms that a 17 year old could be bi-polar....

Thanks and Peace....

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  • 9 years ago
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    Im sorry to hear that you are experiencing such difficulties in your life. I have a friend thats bi-polar and she has days where she's up and days where she's down. She dont know in advance when her mood will change,she dont really look forward to socializing, she latches on to people that will give her attention and she wants that person all to herself ,fearing that the person may leave her. Bi-polar causes shifts in mood, energy,behavior,and thinking. These behavior cycles can last for days,weeks,or months.There are so many other possibilities of symptons,please look them up on the internet. Early detection is good,so you can get the help you need. I hope this information helps a little and I wish the best for you. I look forward to the time when 'no resident will say I am sick' [Isaiah chapter 33 verse 24]

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    9 years ago

    1 symptom is feeling high then next hour on a low!! But this has to be extreme, for example...

    you may feel so happy and thrive on life and all smiley then later in the day you may feel very down on yourself and all negative.

    Source(s): nhs
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A mess mood swings, anger issues, unprotected s ex with hookers, drinking problem, spending sprees daily and gambling problems

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