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Bearded dragon question?

I have a 4 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot tank...i already have a female and she is about 2 years old...could i buy another female to put in with her?the female i would buy would be in or around the same age as the one i already have

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    A 4x2x2 is plenty of room for two beardies. and like you said, if your'e getting another female who is the same size you shouldn't have any problems.

    As a warning though, two beardies - even two females- may not get along for whatever reason so be prepared to split them up if you have to

    Hope this helps

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    I'm going to completely disagree with Andrew and anyone else who claims it's ok to house them together. I feel like I've written this so Many times bc this question is constantly asked. Here we go....

    Beardies Are solitary animals in the wild - meaning from the second the hatch, they run away from everyone and live s solitary life. They don't travel in packs or seek out friends and they don't get lonely. Ever.

    I understand wanting to have two beardies - they're amazing pets. However, it's cruel And it's unnecessary. Why is that so many people feel the need Force these lovely creates into s cage with another beardie and force then to live like this is beyond me..:.

    Regardless of the size of the cage or the sex of the drsgon, the fact is these dragons would never ever choose to live like this is if they had the choice. Even two females will always fall into a dominance-submitting relationship, where one always dominates the other, meaning it lays on top to get the best basking lights, it eats first and leaves the scraps for the other one, it head bobs to show dominance. Then there the one that will always submit - gets the leftovers, gets poor lighting and heat and has to constantly hand wave just to make sure the dominant one is aware that's its submitting. This is an awful way to live considering beardies are naturally territorial and it's very unnatural to be submissive. And this will be your best case scenario - they live out this type of relationship but otherwise they eat and shed normally and remain Physically healthy. The worst case scenerio is one kills the other in some unexplained, unprovoked attack. And yes this happens all the time - even with two females who are housed in a large enclosure. People will tell you two females are ok together because the incidences or death or injury or mutation are far less than that of two males or even a male and a female but point is, it still happens. And "keeping an eye on them" but protect your dragons. Usually when one attacks, it's completely unexplained and they may have been housed together since hatchlings for several years and then one day one snaps.

    They are naturally the most trusting reptile around IMO so that's why I'm so passionate about this. I just really believe in respecting the way they choose to live in the wild.

    Someone posted a great explanation for this, you can view it below by opening the link:

    All the best

    Edit - in response to the comment that it is not CRUEL - what would be your definition of cruel?

    Forcing two solitary animals into an enclosed cage?

    Forcing two solitary animals into a dominance-submissive relationship just to survive?

    Having one of your beardies end up dead or with missing limbs or a missing tail because of communal housing and fighting?

    Forcing a beardie to sacrifice the proper lighting and heat required to survive by having another dragon lay on top of them all day?

    I appreciate the fact that you acknowledged my point that they shouldn't be housed together but I suppose we have a different understanding of what the word "cruel" entails.

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    Yes and no. First, the new lizard should be quarantined for at least 3 months, to ensure she is healthy (have her checked by a vet for parasites during this time). You'll need a separate cage for her, for that. (You would not want to find out that the new dragon has a deadly illness, and has passed it on to the dragon you have now--quarantine is the only safe option). If you already have a separate cage for her, you might as well just keep her in it. Bearded dragons, while they CAN be housed in groups, don't actually enjoy company. If they do not get along, you would have to separate them again anyhow. (Females can usually be housed together, but they are all individuals...sometimes, as individuals, they don't care for one another).

    If you are planning to keep a group of them, you can give it a try, after the quarantine period--but be prepared for it to not work out. If the dragons fight, or one keeps the other away from food and basking areas, they will need to be housed separately.

    Source(s): I am a reptile breeder.
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    true what rebecca said but not necessarily the CRUEL part. But the are solitary animals and sometimes when you put two together they can become aggressive. Unless you have a giant walk in enclosure for them i think it is best to just keep one in the tank. You do have a bigger tank but not big enough for 2 of these type of lizard which these lizards can not get away from each other they will be starring at each other all the time. and giant walk in enclosure they can get away from each other and not have to look at each other all day and if necessary run away from one another and hide.

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    you could easily put a divider in the middle of the tank i am useing a peice of cardboard to seperate my beardies right now.

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