How to start a conversation with him?

So I really like this guy and I keep having dreams about him. But the only way I can talk to him is through Facebook because we go to different schools. We've known each other since 3rd grade so we're already close and I know him pretty well but we don't really talk much.

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    9 years ago
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    Hi Amanda,

    If you're "already close and know him pretty well" then just message him, and ask him to hang out with you sometime... because you want to see him in person and have a nice visit together (i.e., just be honest).

    Guys appreciate honesty... but you don't need to immediately blurt out that you've been dreaming about him lately (that can wait until you're seriously dating... it'll be an interesting little story).

    So... assuming that you might want to avoid a few of the more common dating pitfalls, how about some free advice about guys and dating? OK.

    In order to protect your tender heart, it's a good idea to be cautious about the types of guys that you would be willing to date... and watch out how you behave, too. Why?

    - Because lots of teenage guys tend to be frogs… not princes.

    - Because teenage guys will typically want to go way past kissing if the girl allows it.

    - Because many teenage girls are simply too vulnerable, too impulsive, and too emotional.

    - Because lots of teenage girls frequently have poor judgment.

    - Because teenage guys are typically only interested in what's in a young girl's panties.

    - Because teenage guys often don't care about a girl's feelings.

    - Because the types of teenage guys who are bold enough to be dating are frequently focused solely on satisfying their own selfish desires.

    - Because teenage girls tend to equate love with kissing and sex (translation - they get their heart trampled), while most young guys don't (translation - they simply say "See ya later!").

    - Because after the inevitable break-up, a teenage girl will likely feel as though her world has collapsed.

    - Because any older guy who would date a young and vulnerable teenage girl is a creep.

    What are some hazards of dating? Here are a few -

    1. Watch out for those handsome players or creeps who might pretend to like you, because you could easily fall for their phony attention and smooth lines of crap. Beware - they'll use your body and then dump you like a sack of potatoes.

    2. Decide on your physical limits before you start dating, and stick to those limits. Getting too excited while being alone together with your date or your steady BF is not the time to start thinking about setting limits... your judgment will be clouded, and your BF's judgment will be long gone.

    3. No matter what, don't date any older adult guys who pretend to be interested in you. They're even worse than players your own age... and like the players they'll only be interested in one thing... and it won't be your mind.

    Ironically... jerks, players, and liars are usually the most fun and the best looking, so you always need to be on your guard.

    Why are jerks, players, and liars able to inflict so much damage? Because there are lots of foolish girls out there who have the following issues:

    - No parental supervision

    - Lack of a good Dad in their lives, so they readily accept the attention from jerks (because they crave male love and approval)

    - Are gullible and easily lied to

    - Allow guys to quickly become too physical

    - Give away their virginity based on the lies a jerk will whisper into her ears

    - Don't mind getting treated like crap

    - Often end up dumped and heartbroken

    - Do not learn from their mistakes.

    Don't be tempted to act like a sl*t, or you'll only succeed in attracting complete jerks who will then proceed to wreck your life... and make your parents really mad at both you and the jerk.

    Be advised that as time passes, some of your friends and classmates might be expecting you to follow whatever path they are traveling... even if it is a stupid path of dating jerks, making out with random guys, or casual sex. Be strong and resist that kind of peer pressure.

    How can you keep your heart from getting trampled? Keep your panties on until you get married. That'll eliminate 99% of the creeps, losers, and players... and mistakes of passion... which will make your life much happier and simpler in the long run. You'll also be protected against pregnancy, STD's, and excessive heartache.

    Don't make too many stupid decisions, don't drink booze or take drugs, don't have friends who drink or take drugs, listen to your Mom and Dad, read the Bible (the Gospel of John is a good place to start), and then everything will turn out fine.

    Those are a few things for you to think about, Amanda. Good luck!

    Signed, PC


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    I will get more to the point. No sermon or too preachy either. He can't know you are interested unless you give him some kind of a clue or heads up. Your time-line in your life so far has given you some information about his attitudes, appearance and the way he acts around people. You both need to step up more on conversation, and for a guy he likes interest in things you do, just like you like interest from him in what you do. Sports, movies, music, and the beat goes on. Strike that match in conversation and be surprised if does go better with a plan to fix that problem.....(good luck and happy dating!!!)

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