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A Scorpio's true element?

I was doing some research on the Scorpio's element water and I was wondering why? Why is our element water? I know many of you Scorpio's feel more emotional than fire, but no ****, hello we're water signs! You see, if you sit down and really put some thought into, you'll see that a Scorpio is more a fire sign than water. Their's even been sayings that we're not even a water sign, we are a ice sign. A mixture of both water and fire. Can someone help a fellow Scorpio out?

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    The water associated with Scorpio is not the same as with the other Water Signs - at least according to astrological explanation. Pisces water is more like the ocean where Pisces can swim in every direction, seeking its dreams in wide open spaces. Cancer is more like the water of the river that ripples over boulders - emotional ups and downs. Scorpio is associated with the still waters of a lake or pond - deep and dark, concealing secrets in its murky depths. One astrologer writes that "Scorpio is a water sign but Mars bestows the essence of fire as well and with it the courage to enter the fire and become transformed." And when transformation occurs, that is when the earthbound Scorpion becomes the exalted Eagle.

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    Scorpio Element

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    scorpio is considered an ice sign, because it's fixed water (solid water), and solid water is ice.

    some people also say scorpio was frozen fire. scorpio shares some characteristics with the fire signs, more than any other sign does, but they are still every deep and emotional and also more private than fire signs.

    @Leo Lady: did you just say scorpios weren't passionate and intense? have you EVER read something about scorpios? because every book and every website says that scorpio is THE MOST passionate and intense sign of them all. that's why many people think scorpio is a fire sign. because scorpio HAS fire characteristics, some of them are even stronger than in the fire signs, such as passion and intensity.

    and wtf, did you just say water signs weren't as emotional as fire signs? WTFFF? water RULES the emotions. you seem to not be informed about astrology at all, otherwise you would have known this.

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    There are many theories, views and mythologies around the Scorpio.

    I personnally believe the original fire and original water meet, they are the same element. But that's just me+ a thousand hours of thinking.

    Scorpio could very well be lava, or toxic/chemical water, hot sediment-water, acid, stagnant swamp water, or ice.

    The element of water IS there, because they belong to the Crab-Fish dimension, but there's definitely a detour into something more deep and fundamental.

    All fixed signs rule almost all of life, so they all have something deeper and more special.

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    You are defenitely not a fire sign. Have you ever read the characteristics of Aries/Leo and Sag ... I guess not, cause u will see how different water and fire are.

    Fire signs are emotional meaning - passionate, intense, temperamental, fast, straight-forward, wild, adventourous

    Waters (including) Scorpio are sensitive meaning - thoughtfull, sometimes introverted, mysterious, secrative, deep etc, etc.

    See there's a huge difference.

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    My friend is an Aquarius and she can't hide her emotions

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