I feel no pleasure when im with my girlfriend (HELP ME PLZ)?

Ok what the hell is wrong with me

im just going to chuck this into little dot points

-I can Ejaculate.. *kum* (it blanks it out when spelt properly) when i masterbate and i feel pleasure from it

-when i have sex with my girlfriend or even get Oral sex i dont feel no pleasure what so ever and i cant Kum

-i dont have a problem getting hard when im with her

-i am not gay i find women and my girlfriend incredibly attractive (hense getting erect easily)

What could it be? is it possibly a mental thing i honestly dont know..

i masterbate like 2-3 times a day sometimes

(IM 20years old ==)

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  • 9 years ago
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    You sound pretty normal.

    I think you are mentally disturbed.

    Psychologically you have some discrepencies.

    I should advice you to be referred do a doctor.

    Good luck.

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