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Can short people learn Judo?

I am really short, about 4ft11in. I see that in Judo you kinda wrestle your opponent or throw him over, can I really do that even if I'm short?

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    Yes. The founder of Judo, Dr, Jigoro Kano was a small man. Most of the old masters in martial arts were small. That is one of the great things about martial arts. It allows you even if you are short or not as strong have the ability to have a favorable outcome because it does not rely on strength.

    I am short and I studied judo. In many ways being short gives you an advantage. You are already below most people center of gravity.

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    If you've ever had the chance to wrestle you'd notice that shorter people tend to have the edge in a lot of moves, especially moves that involve lifting. There is a limit to this and if they outweigh you by fifty odd kilograms it's probably too far gone, but having a lower centre of gravity and a lower strength point tends to give you a better starting point than a taller person.

    Without putting skill into the equation let me put it this way; a theoretical person is five foot tall and weighs 40kg (90lbs if my conversions aren't shot) their theoretical opponent is six foot tall and weighs 70kgs (155lbs again if my conversions aren't shot) the two put their hands on each others shoulders and push, the shorter person will have the advantage because they're pushing upwards and pushing their opponent away from the ground and traction, while the bigger person is doing the opposite and pushing their opponent into traction. If we take it to an extreme and make the six foot person 100kgs then the shorter person would need an insane amount of strength to avoid getting shoved into the ground by the weight alone.

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    Yes, of course short people can learn judo. The techniques are designed to use leverage to trip and take down opponents. The same applies for the ground fighting taught in judo.

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    Yes i even thinks its easier and more to your advantage to be short. I started Judo age 8 and quit age 12 and i remember my instructor - He was absolutely huge, he used to be a body guard / department store police guy and he said that he is not afraid of people his height or bigger but the shorter ones.

    He said the reason was if your shorter the other guy has to look down from above and has to bend, crouch and sort of lean over you so your not in a naturally strong position and judo is about getting your partner to the floor. So i think you should give it a go.

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    Funny I done a judo class today it all about littler ppl over powering bigger people it not that hard u don't have to be stong u can use the smallest stenght to throw the person over your head easy

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    9 years ago

    Of course, my experience is they are at an advantage.

    When I was learning to do the O Goshi throw, I found it hard to do because I am 6 foot 1 and a solid body type. My partner who was about 5 foot 5 and skinny had no problem and made me look stupid. Though I smashed him when we randori with O sato gari LOL

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