Are marble or limestone shelves okay to use in showers?

Hi guys, I've asked a few questions on here already regarding my bathtub surround, and I appreciate the help so far. I have another question for you. I bought some "Bottichino" stone from my local hardware store (home depot) and it was right by some white marble. I bought both the bottichino and white marble to see how they looked in my shower for shelves. The Bottichino actually looks better so I will probably use that. However, I thought it was a form of marble, but after looking it up on the internet, it looks like there is no information on "bottichino." There is, however, a stone called botticino from italy but my "bottichino" is made in china. The italian botticino is apparently considered a limestone in some areas, and a marble in other areas. Anyways, is the "bottichino" I bought safe to use as shower shelves? I am just concerned about discoloration to the stone or damage due to water absorption. Everything else in the shower is porcelain tiles, the only natural stone will be with the 2 shelves I will install that are called bottichino.

Is this safe to use for shower shelves? Do I need to seal them with stone sealer? Currently the stone is shiny on top, and where the cuts were made on the sides... it is not shiny. However, I have been able to shine the whole stone by wet sanding/polishing it so it is able to be shined.

To be honest, I don't really care if the stone discolors or anything, I am more concerned about it cracking or causing water damage in some way. Although I do have a plastic vapor barrier up behind my backer board, I still don't want excess water getting behind there.

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    Both will work fine and yes you must seal either one that you use. Seal twice to do it properly.

    Bottichino is a stone ( and a look of stone) from Italy. There are makers that make products that look like Bottichino and thus will call it that.

    The other answer is that the stone was shipped to China and then cut and shipped and then said it was a product of China.

    Any questions e amil me through my avatar. GL

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    Marble is pretty much indestructible to weathering, but limestone is awful. It will dissolve and leave nasty rock-hard stains around anything it's touching.

  • 9 years ago

    Marble is ok

    lime stone will dissolve over time

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