Why can't I orgasm anymore?

I can't orgasm anymore I want to know why I used to be able too but now I feel like I'm about to and so close to *** and it goes away I get so frustrated I have this about 5 times every time I have sex. He does turn me on I love doing it with him but idk why this happens

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ohh this is easy to fix. 1st off, what ever he did to get you close, he stopped it. Sex is all about feeling good ok. You need to see what makes you feel good during sex, and have your lover do that for. You NEVER worry about an orgasm during sex ok. You only focus on the good sensations. Once you change your focus, you'll climax when you least expect it :). Sex isn't just about intercourse, it's about him kissing you, caressing your body, sucking your chest, and going down on you. If women don't feel good during sex, they aren't going to like it or climax. So you need to see what feels good to you, and have him do it. When you notice something feeling real good, have your bf do more of it til you cant take anymore

    Source(s): Im a virgin, but i know women have a voice, and should feel good during sex. So focus on what makes you wild. You will be like wow
  • Bryan
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    9 years ago

    Have you started taking any medicines? Some medicines used for treating mental health problems can sometimes have that effect on women. Also, a woman needs to be really comfortable and at ease to get to orgasm. Perhaps sometimes for you this is not the case. Are you perhaps sometimes distracted by unrelated issues, or in a hurry etc? That could also do it.

    If you are really worried about it, you could always see a doctor.

    Source(s): Decades of experience with women.
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