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need help my head is puzzled?

Right, two weeks ago I did a pregnancy test the strip one and i wasn't pregnant that night I was getting heartburn, I never get heartburn. Then next morning my partner went shop and got me a first responce one and I got a faint pink line, later that day I was at the shop and bought a blue clear digital one. I did the test as soon as I got in I i got a pregnant 1-2 weeks, so then I rang my partner to tell him the news things was great I felt great too. Then I started to bleed but only happen after when I wee, so yesterday i went doctor could on get in that evening, so all that day I was worried and upset. Finally it was time to go doctors, so when I went in she gave me a wee sample bottle and I went toilet, I came back and she did a pregnancy test and then told me I wasn't pregnant and said it was my period and left it at that. I came home and didn't know what to think, I was still bleeding still am now but it not like my period its bit lighter had few cramps but nothing to what I normally get. This morning I woke up and 3 times I nearly got sick within half hour, now I'm fine but apart of me Is saying I am pregnant, cos I know how it feels as me and my partner has a 4 year old... So was just wondering if what yous thought of the whole thing????

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    Go back and get a blood test.

    Today's home pregnancy tests are very sensitive, detecting HCG levels as low as 25 or even 10 mIU/mL. The doctor's test may have been less sensitive, detecting only 100 mIU/mL. A blood test won't lie.

    It could be that you're pregnant but very, very early on, or you could be having a chemical pregnancy (miscarriage) so be cautiously optimistic.

    Good luck!

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    Get a 2nd opinion never hurts

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