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Fun things to do with a Kiwi in Florida during the hurricane?

What are some fun and interesting things I can do with my friend from New Zealand while he's in Florida this summer. His name is Bob. We both like eating cucumners, Irish folk lore, unicorns, and Star Wars. We, I, talk about Star Wars all day every day. He is 24, a hot male, and I am 32, and extremely attractive female. We used to play tag in the yard as kids. Now that we're adults we are running out of things to play.

What can I do with my friend? Any ideas are appreciated. Please explain in as much detail as possible. This is posted in P&S, because that's where I get the most answers. Vor'e.


I meant posted in P&S in the future.

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    Do something seashell like incredible love making !!!!

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