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Question: Is it truth ? ?

If you are a muslim and you can kill many innocents (with little help from explosives) you will be awarded by allah back in heaven (?) with virgin girls whom he breeds in his brothel there?

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    They will tell you that this is not the way it works.

    Although the way you have phrased your question, and it clearly is designed to inflame, this do not detract form the fact that according to the Hadiths, note, not the Qu'ran itself, the punishment for apostasy is death.

    This means that any Muslim is allowed by their 'holy laws' to kill anyone that does not believe in or follow Islam, and that they will be be rewarded by Allah for doing so.

    It is no good anyone claiming to be a 'moderate' Muslim, they will not go against the teachings of their religion, to do so would mean they themsleves could be accused of apostasy.

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