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help with boyfriend please?!?

hi, ive been with my boyfriend for 5 months now and its been great so far, however we went away together for a few days and for some reason he seemed a little off... im not sure why, he just seemed a lot quieter and i dont understand why? Maybe im just being insecure but im worried he's gone off me.. can anyone help!?

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    Yes, the solution is quite simple. Just tell him that you have a feeling that something is wrong, that you've noticed him becoming more reticent and that you would like to know if there is something he needs to discuss with you.

    The best way to get to the root of a relationship issue is to discuss it, especially before it's too late. You need to know if he's checked out of the relationship, and although it would be hard to hear, and it would hurt, you need to know what he's feeling.

    it could have nothing to do with you. There could be a lot going on in his life, he could be depressed, anxious about something, etc.

    Don't ask him if everything is okay with "us", but say something like "hey, I have a feeling that there's something wrong. You were acting a bit less lively, and I just wanted to make sure that everything is okay. Is there something we need to talk about?" Don't accuse him of anything, just ask if he's okay. You'll get what you need from him by approaching the topic with a calm, collected, non-accusatory conversation.

    If you're worried, you definitely need to talk this over. A huge problem for many couples is a lack of communication. You need to open the lines of communication and keep them open (unless of course he's done with the relationship). It could be something simple, or it could be a huge issue. Either way, you need to talk with him about it so you two can work things out together, as a couple.

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    Maybe he's got things on his mind, like something at home, at school/college. He may of found the situation slightly awkward but it really does sound like something is playing on his mind.

    Ask him if he wants to talk about whatever's bothering him, if he says no then leave it but let him know you're there and eventually I reckon he'll be open and honest and tell you whats bothering him.

    Good Luck

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    9 years ago

    I would say to give him a little space and there's nothing to worry about. If he continues, sit down and talk to him and try to figure out whats bugging him.....

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    maybe its because your alone and he might think its a little awkward!x

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    9 years ago

    When he does not start to speak then you should or he is not well!

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