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Excel worksheet displays too many rows?

Hello I have a file with 600 rows but there is additional 1.000.000+ rows which are empty. Tried to delete them but not successfully.

I use command Ctrl+Shift+End to mark all unused rows and when I try to delete them I see:


Microsoft Excel


Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications.

Continue without Undo?


OK Cancel


I know it is possible to copy this to new spreadsheet but I need macro complex formulas to stay and I am afraid to copy them.

Maybe someone has a solution? Because it is very hard to navigate and pressing CTRL+D is annoying.

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    There are many solutions and one of them or a combination ishould work.

    1. Save to a new file.

    2. Restart computer which will reset underlying memory issues.

    3. Save to an older Excel version which uses only 65K rows and re-open.

    4. Use find special to see if where your formulas have been extended to empty rows. Select the offending cells and press clear.

    5. Select the empty rows and use clear all instead.

    6. Set to manual recalculation and see if delete still works. Turn it back one if delete is successful.

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