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Worried I came off as a player, how can I fix this?

Long story short, I went out with this girl friday who lives about 5 hours away. She comes to my town often for athletic events but anyways we had a blast. We were together for roughly 3 hours and the whole we were laughing and had lots to talk about.

Where I went wrong was admitting that I had a girlfriend when I met her but dumped the girl I was with because talking to her made me realize that my current girl had nothing in common with me and I was disheartened because my girlfriend didn't take an interest in the things that are important to me. I shouldn't have said anything but I wanted to be honest.

Overall the date was great and I'm sure she had just as much fun as I did. I kissed her at the end of the night. She also confessed she's afraid to get into a relationship because she always gets cheated on or screwed over ...

Anyways, now she takes hours to text me back ... Is she gauging my interest and making sure I'm genuine?? How should I proceed?

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    tell her you're not a player... explain the situation to her cause it seems like you really like her. tell her how you feel, tell her you're a nice guy & she'll forgive you :)

  • okay i think shes really scared that you are going to screw her over.

    i recommemd you apologise to her about it and say you shouldnt have said it but you were just trying to be honest with her. say that she means alot to you and it wouldnt happen with her because you guys have heaps in common.

    say that you think what you did was heaps mean and 'jerky' and ask her if shes okay about it

    good luck x

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