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Chemistry or Physical education studies? ?

Hey, I'm currently taking human bio, geography and chemistry in year 11

But problem is I'm really really worried about chenistry, all I've gotten is negative feedback about how hard and how much work it is

Im really worried I won't pass and the homework load will be just too much

I like science, but I also like phys Ed

I don't know what I want to be when I'm older I'm 15 years old

Should I choose chenistry or change into phys Ed studies?

Does anyone know what phys Ed studies is alllll about?


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    I'm also in Year 11! o:

    & chem is really getting harder to understand (for me)

    but I'll keep trying to pursue the dream of science.

    I really love science, I actually chose all the science classes my school offers;

    [physics, chemistry & biology]

    (with the exception of psychology) :L

    If you want to improve your understanding of chemistry,

    go find the chem teacher and ask them to help you explain what

    you already don't understand. [that's what I do in my free (study) periods].

    It's sometimes better when it's one-on-one, rather in the presence of 15 other students.

    If you're choosing Phys. Ed. Studies;

    I'm not ENTIRELY sure what goes on in the class,

    but I think it's got to do with our respiration + blood circulation; heart rates,

    muscle&joint studies etc...

    — they'll also get you to play some games/sports to get you to understand how

    your body works in that activity, then ask you questions and

    ask for your observations afterwards.

    I say try out chemistry, then if you really think it's not for you;

    you should be able to change to Phys. Ed. Studies within a couple of weeks.

    You could also asked the teachers what are their thoughts on the subjects for you.

    + what they're all about! (:

    & if you can change later on or not.

    Source(s): I really love sports! But haven't really had the chance to play much nowadays due to the loads of studying required! :[ SO UNFIT! D; ` Let's be friends 8) Year 11
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