Can somebody define the measure of disadvantages?

Define measures of disadvantages.?

We are asked to report about measures of central tendency, variability or scatter, and divergence from normality. One of the objectives of the report is to define measures of disadvantages.

So, what does measures of disadvantages mean?

I searched high and low in search engine but nothing satisfies.

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  • Rose
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    If you were measuring the measure of financial disadvantage within the professional group of workers, it would be far different than that of the would both groups be from beggars.

    Answering your questions in order......

    You are being asked about a homogeneous group.

    What do they all share?

    How do they differ within the group, and how diverse are these differences?

    Finally, you would do a statical analysis which would tell you how far your subjects deviated from the normal population.

    In summary, you are being asked whaAdvanceans to be 'disadvantaged' from the evidence that you have discovered.

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