How do I stop attacking my sister? We both have the name assumption written in our brith blood!?

Alot of sh!t hit the fan over the weekend. Some girl got my sister and I confused with eachother about new years and everything went downhill from there. I shouldn't have trusted her though. I only knew her a little bit and I blocked out the rumous of her f@cking peoples lives up out because I give people chances. So she got my sister and I confused with eachother and now Kara knows alot of stuff about me and basically wants to smash the girl who got us confused. On new years I was drunk and I told a girl I barely knew a few things because I thought she was the only one who could help me.. I told her I was bi and had feelings for the backpacker inside the pub I only told her because she's Bi herself. And I told her I heard the backpacker screwing another guy in the room 3 doors down from me at the pub and that I was upset about it. The thing is.. is she has a thing for my sister so she purposely got us confused and texted her everyhting. Now kara knows and has tried to protect me and cover things up. She didn't realise the text was about me and thought she was on crack because of it. and went to the pub saying a girl was accusing her of being a lesbian and said she went over drunkinly and asked her for advice. so kara told the story not knowing it was actually me as the person asking the other girl for help. and got home that night and I balled my eyes out saying is she talking to you? and so she realised and said oh my god she got me confused with you! The whole situation is so confusing. Now i'm worried about the backpackers thinking it was me. Uhm but apparently kara said they most likely just think it's a funny story possibly made up by a stoner girl. Now after a few days my sister and I are just at eachother with asumption. Saying it's your fault no it's your fault. Sh!t has officially hit the fan. Oh god.


There's more to it Reme.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I read this whole thing imaging it was being read by the fat guy playing that blonde chav girl on Little Britain.

  • reme_1
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    9 years ago

    Stay out of the pub and don't talk to strangers about personal stuff.

    I do not understand what all the excitrement is about.

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