How do u know if you lost your virginity ? ?

Well me and my boyfriend was trying to have sex but it really hurts me so we stopped and I started to bleed Is that normal ?

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    9 years ago
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    it should not hurt ---- if it hurts he is doing it wrong ---- read up on female arousal and foreplay ---- if he penetrated then no you are not a virgin even if its only a little ---- personally my suggestion find a real man who cares more for your pleasure than his own ---- someone who will take the time to ensure you are ready and i mean physically ready and will be gentle and slow

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    When the penis enters vagina, the girl's hymen is ruptured, that causes bleeding and that means one has lost the virginity. However, it is not necessary that hymen remains intact till first intercourse.In many cases it is ruptured by exercise, swimming, cycling or even by penetration of fingers or any object while masturbating.Therefore once the penis has entered the vagina, first time, the virginity is lost, whether intercourse was completed or not or whether the hymen was ruptured or not by penetration of penis.

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    yes tht is totally normal to bleed and hurt a bit, you need to keep going softly and then it gets to a point where it dosent hurt and is pleasurable xx

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    9 years ago

    yep. U lost it

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