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Hey everyone I'm 13 and in the eighth grade, i was interested in waterpolo so decided to turn up at the training session along with one of my friends, well it didn't go exactly as i would of liked it. I was bad it looked like i couldn't swim at all but I think I could improve. But i'm not exactly the popular kid in school so i got teased and laughed at by the others. What should I do? Go to next weeks training or should I give up I'm afraid of what they think about me.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Stock reply from a few previous questions, but if it's the right answer, then it's the right answer:

    Polo is a VERY Swim-intensive sport. And not just carrying your own body, if you're being fouled, you're carrying someone else (albeit briefly, but if you're not strong enough to get back above water - that's a problem). You NEED to get the swimming up to AT MINIMUM 500m freestyle (in no more than about 12 minutes - no breaks) before even considering the next stage.

    The foundation of the sport is the Eggbeater Kick, so anything that improves leg strength is an asset. Distance cycling with resistance (either hills/wind outdoors, or settings on a stationary bike) will help tremendously - both in leg strength and in cardio. Also tricep & upper back exercises are important, and is the only weight training you should do (because muscle is heavy). If your eggbeater isn't strong and/or you have poor technique, ask the coach for some specific drills - because not being able to eggbeater in Polo is like not being able to skate in hockey - makes it infinitely more difficult.

    Lastly, what you may lack in athletics, you can make up for in Game IQ. The better you know the game, the more likely you are to make the right decisions. Being in the right place at the right time means you can make the easy play, not the spectacular (which usually fails) one. Ask your coach if they have any high level games you can watch.

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    9 years ago

    If you love it, the keep playing! I may not be a water polo player, but I am being given a very hard time by other kids at my school at something I love dearly, just like you. Keep playing if you think you can improve and if you believe, keep your head up, work hard, and listen to what is being said, then you will definetly improve. That is what I've been doing. You're in 8th grade, so this is your last year at school and with these kids. Believe me, high school is much better. Don't play attention to these kids, they're jerks. Just focus on yourself and having fun. That's what I'll do tomorrow when I see these boys who have been jerks to me; I'll play like nobody's business and focus on having fun with my friends who are with me. Stay tough and it will be over soon! :-)

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    Pay close attention to what your coach is teaching youu ! Youu need to show up to all the practices... Show those guys up and let them know that they were wrong for teasing youu... To do that try extra hard even tho it hurts... I'm very competitive so I have lots of motivation to keep trying.. So youu wanna show them how much you've improved and how beast youu are ! Haha they will take it back later just keep up the motivation and confidence... Keep trying and do everything at your best .:) I wasn't teased but I the same happened to me.. But after all my hard work ....This is my first year swimming and doing waterpolo and I'm on varsity swim and sophomore year I'm going onto varsity polo :) I'm 14. And a freshmen. JUST DO IT.

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    Keep going, I have played water polo for 12 years now and I love it! You will have a lot of fun and I promise you will have a better body and be stronger than any of those jerks making fun of you. People only make fun of you because they are selconscience about themselves. Your better stronger and smarter than them! keep going!

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  • 9 years ago

    keep trying! the more you practice the better youll get. never give up. just make sure you listen to your coach and dont let the other kids get to you considering they probably arent that good either.

  • 9 years ago

    Keep going

    Don't let others bring you down

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