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My windows movie maker keeps freezing help?

Everytime i go on windows movie maker to finish editing a video,it works for about a minuit and then it freezes and says windows movie maker is not responding and i have to exit it.its been doing it since last night,and i restarted it lots of time but it still does it,what should i do its really annoying


ive also restarted me computer a number of times,given it rests for a few hours or whatever but it still don't work,ive tried opening it with no other pages up (e.g internet) but it still freezes

Update 2:

yea i do have different editors,i do have sony vegas but i need to FINISH it,and i cant open a half finished windows movie maker project in sony vegas.

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    Is this the first time you are using Movie Maker on your computer and what version of Movie Maker are you using? I think the latest version requires a more powerful configuration for movie maker to work properly. Check the min. system requirements.

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    Have you tried the latest version of Windows Movie Maker?

    You could also resort to other movie makers like e.g. Sony Vegas Pro.

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    9 years ago

    For basic editing, AVS Video Editor is a great choice: It's also freeware, so that's always nice.

    Source(s): avs-video-editor.org
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