Is it dumb to like him when i dont know him well?

I like this guy. He was in one of my classes last semester and hes in one of my other classes this semester. Im a little glad about that.

But i dont...really KNOW him. I think i talked to him once? twice?

He seems like a really nice guy...and i like him.

But i feel a little helpless about it cuz Im not close to him at all and he probably doesnt even care about me at all or know I exist.

He not a super popular guy or a jock or something. Hes actually in my AP classes.

I feel its a little odd to all of a sudden try to be close with him when I havent really talked to him for the past year...

What should I do?...

I also have a fear of telling people I like them because I was once middle school...

It kinda scarred me for life. I've never had a boyfriend so... Yeah...pretty sad...

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    9 years ago
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    It's not "dumb" to like a guy you barely know. We've all done it once or twice. Some people just give off a certain vibe..Anyway, you should try and get to know him more. Just say hi when you walk past him, then start casual conversation, like "what class do you have next?" etc. Then maybe after that you can ask him out to get coffee or something.

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    9 years ago


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