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How to write a Jazz piece?

I want to write a melody for my Jazz quartet. Are there any tips that you guys can advice me? Am I supposed to use the mixolydian/dorian/bebop/etc scale? thankyou!

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    Two techniques you can try -

    1. Try writing a riff or melody first - use a simple scale to start with, for example an C minor blues scale. Stick a few flattened fifths in to give spice. Now tap out the rhythm of the points where you'd like to hear the chords change. Now add suitable chords at these points that harmonize with your melody.

    2. Write a chord passage and then improvise melodies over the top until you find something you like.

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    kzbzgz is right, i would like to add:

    3. take a existing tune and alter the melody, and/or the chords. Charlie parker did it with a lot os songs, he transfered "honeysuckle rose"into scrapple from the apple"

    4. think of a interesting bass line, then invent a counterpoint melody, then search the chords which fit in.

    -you can use any scale...

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