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Does my boyfriend love me? (read additional details)?

Me and my boyfriend were hugging yesterday (valentines day) and he started crying because one of his exes broke his heart.

She dumped him two years ago and I know she was really pretty (a lot prettier than me) and she was a better person than me.

I feel like he still loves her and I don't think he actually loves me.

I was wondering if someone could give me a second opinion on this?

And is it normal to feel like this?

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    It's possible your boyfriend still cares for his ex though I doubt it's because she's prettier and is a better person than you. Does this mean your boyfriend therefor doesn't love you? I don't think so. I think it's more likely that your boyfriend really cares for you and at times gets scared you will break up with him too.

    Some people need more time than others to get over a lost love. They should take the time they need but it gets more complicated when they are in a new relationship. Their new partner (you in this case) doesn't have to live with the ex as well and you have a right to tell him so. You also should not have to "suffer" because of what his ex has done to him.

    The best way to get clarity here is to ask him about his feelings for this ex. Let him know you really want to be with him, with all of him, but that you have the feeling his ex still plays a (big) part in his life even though they have broken up already for 2 years. Ask him if there are things you can do (or the two of you can do together) to wipe away the painful memories of his ex and work on having a much better relationship he ever had with his ex.

    Hope this help.

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    Don't belittle yourself, as above said you're just underestimating yourself. As for your boyfriend, confront him about his ex, he needs to let it go for a healthy relationship with you.

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    tell him this "pick:do you love me or your ex, ur tired of feeling second best. Tell him that you need to know if he loves you and if he does to let her go.

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    you are underestimating yourself.... may be she's better looking but how can she be a better person?

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