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Ponting shouldn't have been made captain for the upcoming match against Sri Lanka says Steve Waugh. Do u agree?

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He said that the Aussie selectors should look for the future and the future is David Warner, the vice captain.


@Yes. Lal Kutta. Warner himself is happy to be passed over for captaincy.

But Steve's issue is, If Warner is not ready, why is he the vice captain?

Update 2:

@MBIOF, By giving Warner the vice captaincy, may be they are grooming him for the future. In a way, its good. He will get to learn the basics of captaincy and will emerge as a great captain in the future.

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    Want to see punter doing it again ... its a treat for his fans again .... this kinda chances wont come all the time, he deserves it.

    Steve Waugh has no idea what he is takling about , how he will feel when a youngster like warner captains and he(Steve ) playing under him, Ridiculous.

    This is too early for warner , and i dont think so anyone would do the job better in ponting presence other than Micheal Clarke.

    It will be once again good experience for warner to see how the job is to be done.. from the man who is best in the business . Ricky

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    Either stand there or move on but don't make a backward step.

    Same I would say about Mahela's captaincy.

    Edit: RSRD

    You are right. But three men (Clark, Warner & Ponting) doesn't make a cricket team. What about Nine others? If they can make a debutant player captain of an international T20 then why don't try to make someone else captain who has even played some matches.

    The only thing which goes in the favor of making Ponting captain is that CB series is under crucial stage, they cant experiment something new right now. They already lost to India. Now they need someone experienced enough hence Ponting got selected for captaincy.

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    4) strongly disagree.

    Steve Wau has retired now and should not stick his big mouth and nose where they don't belong. He has no right to come out in the media bagging cricket Australia's decision which is the correct decision. Warner is not captaincy material yet and Ponting has been captain so much that he could do it with his eyes closed.

    Waugh might have been a good captain and player in his own right, but if he wants to voice his opinions on this matter he either does it on a site such as this or gets a job on the selection committee for cricket Australia.

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    I Think Ponting Should be captain for the upcoming game although Warner looks good for future captain

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    Strongly Disagree...You look at that Australian side and you will not find anyone who have played enough to lead a national side. Anyways Clarke is out only for a single game, so there is no harm in giving Ponting the captaincy as he has enough experience behind him...

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    Strongly Disagree

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    2) Disagree. Naming Ponting as captain is only a short-term fix in Clarke's absence. It makes sense, as he has the experience that none of the others have in the role, and doesn't put pressure on those that do not.

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    Agree, they should hav given chance to the future captain.

    Is there any hard fast rule that one has to be vice-captain for this length of time? If warnr is not ready why is he vic-cap.

    Steve waugh gave this opinion because he was given chance in his time same as this.

  • The next captain should be Watson Ponting is just a temp.

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    I agree with Steve Waugh,CA are once again playing silly buggers with players careers.Look at how they've treated Haddin,another thing that Waugh complained about.

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