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why do people break the law?

i would like to get various reasons to why they break the law


would like to know the different mind sets of the offenders, like what are they thinking?do they know the consequences of they actions?

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    Many factors, but a few are the way they were brought up, genetic behavior outcomes, and moral belief.

    It's not all about wanting that prize though. For example people don't willingly rob banks just for the money or possible fame. There are underlying psychological factors that come into play. Not just in criminals, but in non-criminals as well, for example we say assaulting a woman and taking acid is considered crazy, yet we have our own government bombing/invading/raping people as well as using psychadelics for military experimentation.

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    Revenge. Pleasure. Fear of pockets getting emptier. Peer pressure. Protection. Uncontrolled Horniness.

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    Economic need, addiction, power, fear, greed, peer pressure to name a few.

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    People are nasty and are up to all sort of malicious motives

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  • To have some fun,lol........

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